Showing off in a vase on Monday

Apologies everyone, but this week I am rather taking the view that if you’ve got it – flaunt it!  I am speaking on behalf of my sweet peas of course, not myself!!   I thought the colours in my Emma Bridgewater jug suited these lovely ladies rather well!

16 thoughts on “Showing off in a vase on Monday”

    1. Thanks Chris! They are certainly more abundant than I would have expected them to be in October – but, happy days! They look pretty and smell delicious! A


  1. Yes, absolutely lovely, Amanda – when did you sow these? I did do a second sowing here but by the time the first sowing had flowered themselves out the seedlings were way past their best and just got composted in the end!


    1. Well, I did cheat this year because of our move and rather a lot going on around the time I would normally sow seeds, so I bought a single pack of plants which were finally planted in the ground in June, just after the hard landscaping of the garden had been completed. They took some time to think about it and then decided they would put the effort in and they are still performing! Hooray! A


      1. I will definitely be planting seeds for next year. I always find that I have too many white sweet pea plants. I like the darker colours more. The white ones seem to be robust and flower longer – have you found that? Not sure why. A


  2. The jog fits those beautiful sweet peas perfectly! I’m always startled to see sweet peas at this time of year. I just ordered more seeds and need to get them sown asap for spring blooms.


    1. It’s getting so late in the year now for sweet peas that they really are a treat! I think they have a couple more weeks in them yet if an early frost doesn’t get them first!! A


  3. What’s not to like about sweet peas Amanda 😂 Beautiful colours and no doubt scent too plus a great vase for displaying them in. I have picked them late before but never in October – it must be a treat to do so.


    1. I do remember, a good few years ago now, that I still had a few flowers in November!! These plants will have to come out before too long though as I have a couple of David Austin roses due to arrive in November which will be planted in the sweet pea spot! The garden moves on! A


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