Hanging on to summer in vase on Monday

With enormous thanks to Cathy for her patience and guidance, and considerable fiddling about with the technology (not my strong point!!) I am finally able to bring my first vase from the infant garden!  Summer is still in evidence in the garden, and the sweet peas are smelling quite delicious!  I have gaura, salvia, bronze fennel and one or two other bits and pieces, but above all I am just delighted to join in the IAVOM party again!  Hooray!


9 thoughts on “Hanging on to summer in vase on Monday”

  1. Look at you with sweet peas in the middle of September still!! No wonder your vase looks so summery -really light and airy and I love the use of fennel in it. Great to have you back in 👍


  2. Congratulations on getting your new garden started! It’s wonderful to see sweet peas again. They are all but a distant memory here, although September is traditionally the month we sow seeds for spring blooms. I probably won’t get to that until October, when I can have greater confidence that summer is really on the wane…


    1. You are such a fantastically organised gardener Kris. I love my garden but I am very impulsive and it’s all a bit chaotic! I have got some sweet pea seeds so maybe I should sow them early too. No greenhouse though. Would a window cill do? A


  3. Glad you have persevered and got to grips with wordpress. Let’s hope they don’t change anything in the near future (as they have done in the past, causing me to almost tear out my hair! LOL! It’s a lovely vase Amanda, and I especially like that red salvia. I have dabbled in annual salvias this year and will definitely grow some next year too. 😃


    1. Thank you Cathy! That salvia is really the most fabulous colour but it is brittle! It’s windy here in North Berwick and every time the wind picks up, stems snap off the plant! Worth persevering with though – it’s such a lovely colour. I have one or two cuttings!! A

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    1. Thanks so much Anna! I hope I can continue to fiddle about with WordPress! It’s led me a bit of a dance but Cathy has patiently guided me through the problems and hopefully I can keep going now! The garden is just beginning to fill out which is very exciting! A


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