Cat and mouse in a vase on Monday

Sitting in my little vase, alongside John Maltby’s cats, are a few stems of common mouse-ear (Cerastium fontanel) and a couple of field forget-me-not (Myosotis ramosissima), which is a member of the borage family.  I love these tiny wild flowers.  The mouse-ear is barely visible as you walk along, but their tiny white flowers and hairy stems are really very delightful on close examination.  And who doesn’t love forget-me-not!


16 thoughts on “Cat and mouse in a vase on Monday”

    1. I couldn’t agree more Susie! I love the tiny flowers. It’s all there – but in miniature and that is quite miraculous I think! A

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  1. Ah forget me nots are so delicate – one of my favourite seeds to grow or throw randomly in the garden beds! They love it here in Oz!
    Those cats are cool! They have a Beatrix Potter – (illustrations from the books) quality about them!
    Love to all xxx


    1. Never thought of Beatrix Potter before in relation to those to puss cats Sally, but you are right! They do have a look about them! Love to you all. A xx


  2. The wild flowers are indeed very pretty, and the potter has captured the spirit of cats very well………


    1. Wild flowers are my ‘go to’ place at the moment for our vases, in the absence of a garden, but then I probably love wild flowers more anyway! A


  3. Such a sweet little vase, and shows that size is not everything!! And I love the cats too, especially as you can see how they have just been pressed out of a piece of clay with fingers and thumbs – adorable


  4. This is such a sweet little arrangement with your cute cats. Yes, I love forget-me-nots too. And even more so when they are growing in the wild. 😃


  5. Thank you Cathy. Very tiny but I agree, the flowers are sweet! The photos don’t show that lovely blue of the forget-me-not but at least we all know how pretty it is! A


  6. Oh those fabulous cats look as if they’re looking at real mice Amanda – they have that knowing glint in their eyes 😂 Such a soft blue flower.


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