A single bloom in a vase on Bank Holiday Monday

I have one flower to offer in my vase today. At the moment my ‘garden’ is a collection of pots sitting haphazardly on the grass in our fairly soon to be fashioned new garden! I have picked one auricula because it’s the one flowering plant that can spare a bloom! And I love them. My grandmother always grew them and if I had space I would be tempted to have an auricula theatre! I think they are rather wonderful.

One or two of the flowers have taken a bit of a battering in the recent high winds and cold weather but the characteristic floury sprinkle of pollen is still there.  Alongside the auricula is a sprig of rowan (mountain ash) which I found on the ground on my early morning walk on Sunday.  It always saddens me to find flowers and twigs snapped off in their prime and I usually bring them home to give them time to shine!

23 thoughts on “A single bloom in a vase on Bank Holiday Monday”

    1. Maybe it’s the frondy leaves of the rowan tree that look a little tropical Chris! Certainly not a tropical temperature to day. 6 degrees C – on the third of May???? Ugh! A


    1. Thank you very much! Can’t wait to get going with the garden but can’t until the bones of it have been laid down. I am becoming impatient! It’s the growing season and I want to get at it!!! However, patience is a virtue I must work on! A

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    1. It was a fortuitous find I must say! I was wondering what to pop into the vase to give the auricula a bit of company! A


  1. Who needs big bold vases when teeny tiny ones are so pretty?! The single stem of auricula is all that is needed to make a statement along with the rescued twig and the stoneware vase – thank you for making the effort to dig a vase out of your pile of boxes and joining us again


    1. Thank you for Cathy! I have spent the last week looking for a small shelf unit to put in the cupboard under the stairs to hold all my tiny vases and, hooray, when Ikea and all the other big boys were hopeless, a recycling furniture store had just the thing, so I am now sorted! No excuses for not having a vase – except for next week when we are on Colonsay (hooray) and have no wi-fi in the cottage! But there’s always the week after!! A


      1. Oh I am glad you found what you wanted – sometimes it makes it harder whn you know exactly what you want. I am lucky, as I just need to ask the Golfer to make it!


  2. Such a beautiful bloom! I love that rich purple color. I hope you’re settling into your new digs and that you’ll soon have a garden you can putter in whenever you wish.


  3. Oh but that single bloom is such a beautiful bloom Amanda. Is it scented? I’ve only ever had one auricula and that was scented. I wish that I had taken better care of the pot and must replace it at some point. What about a old wooden step ladder instead of a theatre? it would occupy less space.


    1. Yes they are scented! That scent always remind me of my grandmother’s garden when I was very young! And the flowers of course. An old wooden step ladder is food thought for a theatre! Hmmm! A


  4. Nice to see a vase from you Amanda! I love some auriculas but the colours have to be just right for me… this one is lovely! One of those auricula theatres would be a lovely way to display them. 😃


    1. Thanks very much Cathy! I think this dark one is possibly the original auricula colour. Just guessing. They are rather special flowers and I am very fond of my plants. I have found they seem to thrive crowded in a pot. I am rather reluctant to plant them out into new flowerbeds so will probably just keep them in their terracotta pots! A


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