A last look in a vase on Monday

We moved house last week but before leaving I picked a few flowers from my garden. Just a few, a little reminder.

At the moment we are staying in a beachside flat in North Berwick, until our new house, on the edge of town, is ready for us to move into.  Here’s the view we wake up to at the moment.  I am not complaining, and to be lulled to sleep at night to the sound of the waves is just what I need after the past few weeks!  

10 thoughts on “A last look in a vase on Monday”

  1. So glad you made it, Amanda, and I hope you feel it was worth all the hassle! What a nice idea to have a last pick from your garden before you left, and what a pretty selection it was – and I do like to see this vase of yours that they are in. Were the new people moving in straight away? What a glorious view you have from your temporary home -is the last photo literally taken from the property? The Bass Rock is such a distinctive landmark, isn’t it? Well for those that know it, it is!


    1. Thank you Cathy! Yes, got there in the end! The new people are in and we move in to our new home on 12 April. The photo of the Bass Rock is indeed taken from the sitting room window. It’s just the most fantastic view. Listening to the waves on the beach any time of day is just wonderful – especially at night time! A


    1. Thank you Susie! It was harder to leave the plants than the cottage in the end, even though we really loved that home! Always the way though because when you have planted something there is a connection made to that plant I think. It’s a part of you when you have nurtured it and seen it come back year after year! Hey ho. A whole new garden to create in our new house. It will be very small but I am looking forward to the challenge. Lots of new plants to choose! Hooray! Best wishes to you for Easter. Amanda

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  2. Gorgeous selection of Spring flowers. Sad to leave them nehind, but exciting to start in a new garden. I hope all goes well with the rest of the move Amanda. 😃 In the meantime, enjoy that wonderful view!


    1. Thank you Cathy. It was sad to leave the plants behind but there will be more to choose and plant in my new garden! The view here, and the constant sound of the waves is just lovely – especially at night! Helps with a good night’s sleep! Amanda

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    1. It is always hard to leave plants you have put in the ground and nurtured! It’s a bit like leaving part of yourself! But although small I think this new garden will have more space for things I couldn’t fit in last time, so looking forward to it! A


  3. Oh that must have been a bittersweet vase to pick Amanda. Did you take any cuttings, divisions etc. from your old garden when you left? What a view to wake up to and no doubt unwind after what must have been a hectic time.


    1. Hallo Anna, thank you for your comment. I did dig up one or two things I didn’t want to leave behind! A bit naughty maybe but I rather took the view that (a) they wouldn’t be missed because they had barely started to sprout again, and (b) I only took a part of a clump! This view by the sea is just amazing! I keep taking photos and then deleting them. You can end up with too many photos of waves!!! A


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