At last! A vase on Monday

The running wave is back!  A Zoom session and some emails with our generous IAVOM host, Cathy @ and I am back on the airwaves!  Thanks to Cathy therunningwave is running again as a WordPress blog, waving goodbye to Blogger without a backward glance!

The garden has taken a real battering with temperatures of -10C last week but these little ladies coped admirably!  I am dedicating these lovely snowdrops to Cathy, with my thanks.  Here is my first vase on Monday of 2021!

11 thoughts on “At last! A vase on Monday”

    1. Thank you Susie! It is good to be back although I am still trying to find my way around WordPress. It’s not coming easily!! We are living in a world of snowdrops at the moment. The county I live in, East Lothian, is full of wild snowdrops. They really are a joy at this time of year, and for obvious reasons this year in particular. New life. Reassurance. Lots of positive things radiating from the simple snowdrop! A


  1. Aw, thanks Amanda – and you can’t beat a snowdrop for pure and simple joy. It is so good to have you back, sharing your lovely photographs. Upwards and onwards!


    1. Thanks Cathy! I did feel as though part of me was missing when I couldn’t join everyone with a vase on Monday! All thanks to you! Hooray! A


    1. Thanks very much Anna. Lovely to be able to have snowdrops in my first IAVOM vase of 2021!! The woods in East Lothian are carpeted with them at the moment! Glorious! A


    1. Thanks Cathy! I agree! Snowdrops are cause for celebration on many fronts – mostly the stirring of springtime and new life! I am rather obsessed with them at the moment!! A


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